Morning Classes

CARDIO & SWEAT in the A.M. Before the Day Begins! 



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Don’t miss out on an opportunity to join the YMCA morning classes by our energized instructors listed below! 

Strength & Cardio, Cardio Kickboxing, Boot Camp (HIIT) Instructor: Chandra Brooks
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday    5:00-6:00 AM

Summary: Chandra is on fire! She has three classes with numerous of techniques of (HIIT) although her classes are for every age, they appear to have an advanced resonance! Full body, heart-pumping, loud music! Full cardio, boxing, intensified boot camp class! You surely will be impressed and will not regret her methodology of instructing.


(HIIT) Instructor: Taylor Osborne
Monday & Friday    5:15-6:00 AM
HIIT- Tabata Introducing Taylor Osborne!
Monday, Friday   5:15-6:00 AM

Summary: We welcome Taylor! She will be instructing the Monday and Friday classes. She also will be assisting during Chandra’s absences. Taylor is driven and has HIIT in her workout arsenal. Get ready to sweat and feel them calories burn away early in the A.M. with Taylor!