Our Board

  • Raul Marquez, President
  • Donna Wennik, Vice President
  • Stacie Deleon, Secretary
  • Brian J. Klinksiek, Treasurer


Message from the Board President

Raul Marquez

YMCA President

I was born in Big Spring Texas and honestly believe I have been  called by a higher power to utilize my ability as a leader, an influential role model in our local community advocating Christian beliefs and lending a helping hand. I enlisted in the U.S Navy in 1968-1972. There I played handball and continued the tradition with my family. A hobby over 30 years in the sport involved in the USHA (The United States Handball Association). A deep charitable yearning in me has identified me as a man respect and love for my community. I currently hold a title of Vice-President in our local community organization called Food 2 Kids. Providing 1,500 meals a month to under privileged children twice per month. I am also a Chamber of Commerce member; awarded and named Rotarian Man of the Year 2018-2019 and I have been recognized with a prestige’s award for contributing to my community called the Paul Harris Fellow Award in 2018.

I am currently employed at KBYG radio broadcasting selling goods and currently operate the Tejano program since 1990. I was asked if I, or when I relinquish my title of YMCA President will I continue my membership at the YMCA and maintain my endeavor in volunteering in non-profit organizations that gives back? My answer is a big yes! I will continue being involved as a rotary member and participate in the YMCA. I am in my 70’s of age and feel I still have some much completion left to acquire. I have traveled to several countries in the world and always find my way back to Big Spring Texas, my home to give back as my rightful duty. My unwavering love for Big Spring Texas has always remained impelled by giving back. I can’t reiterate this enough, the same mantra I naturally repeat at times to my family, grandchildren colleagues and friends are “if you can only volunteer two hours a month out of your time, imagine how great this city will be?” Precious time we squander or take for granted that can be essentially used to lend a helping hand. Envisioning has brought fruition to our local YMCA, growing in infrastructure through the rapid ever-changing years has made me an immensely proud and a humbled individual with the help of our CEO Dathan Jones and staff here at the YMCA. I am proud of our YMCA family!