Dathan Jones


Graduating in 2007 from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene Texas with a sports recreation management I received a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a GPA of 3.17 on a scale of 4.0.

I moved to Big Spring Texas to join the Family YMCA in 2010. I am so blessed to be part of a non-profit organization that gives back to its community. For two decades I have operated in fitness centers such as Cisco Junior College, Hardin Simons University. Employed in this  field has solidified my life’s dream, spearheading and leading functional campaigns. Operating various fitness programs, handling developments of large gymnasiums.  I managed  100-300 full/part-time including volunteers. My career has shaped me into becoming a leader, a mentor and dear friend to many in the community. Physical training in this field allows me to also stay in good health at the YMCA doing something I absolutely love. I was selected by the board of directors as CEO to set strategic preparation efforts in managing the day to day operations that can impact sales, retention, and effectiveness for the YMCA organization. My desire to manifest forth a vision no matter how difficult the task may appear has always been a challenge I felt I can partake with the support of God, the approval of board of directors and of course the backbone of the YMCA the core admin and staff at the YMCA. I believe in a Christian upbringing, the supportive developmental of the strong young minds in which I have immeasurably found myself volunteering my own personal time. The passion I offer from personal physical education has abundantly blessed me in becoming a beacon for motivation, encouragement and ongoing mentor for our youth of tomorrow. My schedule is erratic, in which I do not mind at all, leaving me with a little time relaxing at home. I multitask several progressions such as being the communicator assembling  positive culture, travel teams, various programs such as early morning boot camps, personal training and also campaign for supportive drives in our community. With limited financial resources, the Big Spring YMCA has allowed me root my ambitions. My vision for the future is to see a grander YMCA in scale, prospering with various activities and equipment. Initiate influence for more program growth for the underprivileged youths perhaps at nighttime, expanded shelter and outreach housing and so much more! Through God all things are possible! I am so blessed to me named the CEO and the voice of the Big Spring YMCA.