Big Spring YMCA share values that assemble in the common vision that we are part of a worldwide fellowship working together to develop the mind, strengthen the body, and encourage the spirit in order to better the human condition.

Based in rich history and traditions, the YMCA, with a focus on youth, is in the vanguard of helping shape and positively influence present and future generations.

These four values are respect, responsibility, honesty and caring. Each value is represented by a color and a phrase.



Caring is symbolized by the color red for the heart; we seek to teach love and tolerance for fellow human beings.


Honesty is blue for “true blue” – the value of honor and truthfulness in our lives.


Respect is yellow for the “golden rule” – treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated.


Responsibility is symbolized by the color green for nature and our responsibility for the world around us and ourselves.