YMCA Youth Basketball League is designed to be safe, educational and to create a place for athletes to have fun while building important social skills such as self-confidence, sportsmanship and teamwork. Our developmental league for youth basketball will have an emphasis on the development and understanding of the game of basketball. Youth basketball officials will be more lenient and assist in helping the child learn the rules as they play basketball games.

October 26th– Dec 5th
Price: $83Y Members $89Non-Members

Divisions: (Pre-K- Kindergarten)
(1st&2nd girls) (1st&2nd boys) (3rd&4th girls) (3rd&4th boys)

(5th-6th Boys) (5th-6th girls)
(7th-8th girls)   (7th-8th Boys)

If you need a little help with registration fees we have our scholarships program.

Any questions call text
Dathan Jones 432 254-9949